A's version of Thunderspire

Gnoll Barracks and The Practice Hall

You’ve learned that you need 4 items to complete your quest in the Well of Demons. Mask, bell, blade, and tome. Rendil gave you information that the first item you seek will most likely be in the first few areas east of the entrance.

After entering the Gnoll barracks you met a Bronze Warder, some hyenas, and a few Gnolls. All of whom you dispatched rather expediently!!! Your search of this room revealed 40 gp each and a +2 cloak.

You made you way south and managed to sneak into the next room and surprise a group of hyenas and Gnoll Huntsmasters during one of their many practice sessions. Since you already know how best to kill hyenas, you’ve managed to dispatch three of them, one thanks to the bear; whom you’ve learned will eat you just like anyone else in the room. Unless of course you wish to make friends with the bear…..

At this moment, Dugrak is in the thick of it with the Huntsmasters – will someone come and save him???? LOL!!!



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