A's version of Thunderspire


So, you all took the bait that the Tieflings had sent you. The encounter with the Tieflings and Bronze Warders was pretty tough – it was meant to challenge you.

The Tieflings had been hired to get rid of your adventuring party because of “slaving conflicts”. Durgrak managed to snag one of the Tieflings, get him drunk, and rape his mind for information. Turns out the Duergar are responsible for the slave trade in these upper parts of the labyrinth. You also learned that one of the Mages of Saruun was missing and had been for quite some time.

After another rest, you all decided to storm the Duergar’s store at the Sevened-Pillared hall. The Duergar, however, were waiting for you. They used their tried-and-tested method of “seize and capture” and managed to snag all but two of you into the back entrance of their store.

Upon your capture, you managed to successfully fight with the Duergar, but you’re not quite finished with all of them. In the heat of the battle, the mighty Kedhira slunk into the nearest cubby hole and tried to hide while you were massacring his subjects. At the present time, you are holed up in a small corridor blasting this fire-resistant Duergar.

Meanwhile, are more heads being delivered to you at the Inn while you’re tied up here. Can this adventuring party save the remaining slaves, and stop the insanity???? What actions will you take after Kehidra is dead…….?



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