A's version of Thunderspire

Kedhira and Murkelmor

Kedhira held on for as long as he could in the Duergar shop. You had all backed the poor, sweet, innocent Duergar into his secret passageway. Professing that the final damage was to be non-lethal, you were then able to question this Duergar. Oddly enough, Aztrid intimidated the stout old codger, and you learned from Kedhira’s rant that, “Murkelmor’s too strong for you. Even if you kill me, someone else will be recruited to take my place. The Blackfang Gnolls know you are here. You’ll never succeed!!” You learned that the Blackfang Gnolls are found in the Well of Demons and Kedhira was even kind enough to show you where the WOD is on the map (how kind – see I told you he was nice). With that information, Aztrid ran him throw with her sword. (Way to go….)

The party took an extended rest and decided that it would be best to take Murkelmor out of the picture before heading off into the WOD. Very good idea indeed!

Arriving at Murkelmor’s chambers was uneventful, and you all managed to be stealthy enough to have a surprise round. The characters in this room, surrounding Murkelmor, were quite a bit tougher than expected, but you pressed on and fought hard. Mialee’s wall of thorns was devastating, and Tetya managed to kill one of the monsters!! He was quite careful about it too! mChung showed up to save the day and walloped Murkelmor!!!

I have posted the treasure on the XP Wiki and will let you all decide how you wish to proceed.



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