A's version of Thunderspire

Rendil and the Well of Demons

So…. after taking on, and defeating Murkelmor…. you all hurried your little tookus’ to The Well of Demons to deal with the Blackfang Knolls. Just prior to making your destination, you all meet Rendil Halfmoon, who has looked better. He’s been badly beaten, and is suspicious that the gang let him go – Rendil talks to many so perhaps he’ll be a vessel to carry a message back to the town as a warning not to hire adventures in the future. Rendil gets roughed up by you thugs too, and tells you that there are many dangers lurking in the Well for you. He’s mentioned that they are on ‘high alert’ as they know you are coming. Rendil tells you that this place is designed to keep out the “unworthy”.

In your discussion, Rendil mentions that you need four items; mask, bell, blade, and tome. He also makes it clear, that it’s up to you to find and beat the traps. He tells you, and draws a rough map, of where you might find one of the four objects you are looking for. The objects of which, in combination, seem to act together to open a section of the Well of Demons. Without these objects, you will not be able to proceed.

You’ve combined your knowledge of shrines, and of Baphomet and determined that one of the objects you seek would more than likely be hidden in a shrine dedicated to Baphomet. This is the chamber that Rendil leads you to. He mentions very clearly that should you take a wrong turn, you would fail in ascertaining said objects. Overall, his advice is proceed with caution.

You let pour Rendil depart – it’s clear that he’ll make it difficult for you to make it into the Well of Demons without summoning all its creatures to you from the noise he’d make. When you enter the hallway into the Well of Demons, you found a large chamber filled with columns, of which a large carving of a Minotaur can be seen on each column. The glare of these Minotaurs is usually enough of a deterrent for those seeking treasure. As the Blackfang Knolls know you are coming, stealth will be very difficult from now on. There were many a creature waiting for you in this chamber and one of the “hired hands” was able to take a shot at you before you were able to get a shot off yourselves.

These undead creatures gave you a pretty good fight, but after a few seconds you manage to cut them up into little tiny pieces that even their mother’s couldn’t use to identify them with. That being said, there are some pretty tough Phalagars attacking you at the moment, and you have been forced to stay and fight them…… What will happen when you manage to successfully defeat them??? What waits for you in the next chamber. I warn you, meter out your dailies wisely, there will be few places to sleep in this place…… mwah ha ha….



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