A's version of Thunderspire

The Great Hall

So, you all cleared out the second pod of the Horned Hold; albeit, unconventional at best!!!! LOL!!! There were many Duergar, a Norkerblade, more Orcberserkers, Rundarr the Formidable, and another Wailing Ghost.

After dispatching all but two creatures, Mialee found a slave. After Mialee walked past the slave without talking to him, Eric bolted. Aztrid tripped him and you were able to gain some knowledge. Eric told you all that there are slaves being held across a bridge that’s guarded by some unseen creature. Eric knew that there was a password, but seeing that he doesn’t speak Dwarven, he was unable to get that for you. He mentioned how scared he was and you all offered him protection. You hid him in the first room you entered and continued your search of the area.

This search caused a Wailing Ghost to be activated. The floor was trapped with a sensor that would go off if any unauthorized personnel entered.

Turns out this Ghost was guarding a few things; 1 level 7 Holy Symbol; 1 level 5 (now 4) armour; 1 bag of tricks. The Ghost was also guarding a ledger detailing the slaves in the Horned Hold and those that were transferred to the Well of Demons. The ledger was detailed enough to tell you who was dead or alive.

You also found a letter to Murkelmor:

We have been trying to gather information surrounding a rumour that there are gangs within Thunderspire collecting “slaves”.

Thunderspire is a mountain of peace between all races. We strive to keep the peace among good and evil races alike. The trading of slaves in Thunderspire is expressly forbidden.

We invite you to a meeting to discuss these rumours. You will present yourself to our sanctuary. Be in the teleportation circle in 4 days.

Mages of Saruun-

In the middle of the day you all decided that it would be best if you gorged and rested – so for the 1st 2 hours of your 18 hours of confinement, you were attacked by the last remained guards who were searching for the cause of all the death and destruction they found when they went to get a cup of Joe….. Unfortunately, they didn’t have very strong armour and their long shift made them a bit weak and less agile!!! One of these guards exploded in a few seconds and the last one, hanging by a red blood cell, was charmed enough by you to truthfully, give you the password. Seeing as you guys aren’t so trusting… you scarred the last blood cells out of him to confirm his words were true to their word!!!

You all woke up, scratched your nuts, removed the sleep from your eyes, pulled on your trousers and tallied forth!!! Aztrid opened the door and told the Gargoyle the password and dared him to attack her!! Luckily, the DC roll was high enough and the Gargoyle bought her accent as solid… way to go PMS AVENGER!!!

You crossed the bridge as a party, and after listening to the double doors at the end of the bridge, decided that the voices on the other side of the door were no match for your Bravado!!! ATTACK!!!! Your surprise round was successful….. we will pick up next time at the top of the round!



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