A's version of Thunderspire

The Slave Pits

So, for the last few games, you’ve all been trying to get through the “slave pit” encounter. You managed to slay all the monsters surrounding the poor, poor, poor unnoticed slaves…. they were so looking forward to being rescued… and yet…. you all needed to heal…. LOL!!!

You found 14 humans and 1 goblin who had been kidnapped. You successfully managed to get them out of the Horned Hold (because you’re all lucky SOBS!!!)and back to Seven-Pillared Hall. You’re all there now, levelling up and healing.

Dugrak’s managed to get his stone nuts back from the Drow who is eternally grateful for the skull scepter, but more so now that those retched things have left his shop!! The flies were deadly!

While you’re making your way to the various places to make purchases, get drunk, find “true” love – whatever, you’re being approached by many of the townsfolk. They’re praising you for your efforts and wondering when it is that everything’s going to be safe again???? They’re worried that the Duergar are up to bigger tricks of late. They tell you that they’ve seen the Duergar scurrying here and there and in all hours of the day too.

A few of the townsfolk have come to you with quests of finding their pets…. they’re hoping you can find them for a small reward!!! One of Rendil’s relatives approaches Meth and asks Meth to marry his daughter….

While you’re at dinner one night, a cloaked figure approaches you and hands you a note;

Your actions against the duergar are commendable. I am in a position of power in the evil organization behind the duergar’s actions, and I wish to help you defeat my comrades. I have been seeking a way out of the organization, and I believe you can help me. Follow the attached map so that we can meet in secret.

Now what are you all going to do…..



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