A's version of Thunderspire

Well of Demons

Phew, you all made it!!!

You managed to grab the 4 items needed to complete the ritual to open the doors to the inner sanctum!!! In doing so, you were able to have your way with Maldrick and killed him!! His ritual was stopped, thus saving the slaves’ lives!

You have found a +2 Elven cloak, and a silver key that is pushing its will on Mialee, beckoning her to come and find what door it opens. You’ve found the letters that Paldemar has been sending to Maldrick and you are well aware of his plan to help Paldemar use Vecna for power. Paldemar wants to take control from the Mages of Saruun and rule this area and the valley himself!

You’ve defeated the slave ring that’s been plaguing this area. Once you return, collect your reward, and your XP, you will then need to find out where that tunnel is that Mialee keeps seeing in her VIVID dreams.

You guys can level up in the town and buy what you can afford.



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