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Bicker, bicker, bicker followed by whine, whine, whine – and all this to see who will take a flask. Well, I took two that truly looked interesting (Thunderstone and Alchemist’s Fire). It is a wonder that we had no unwanted visitors while this loud exchange of words took part.

Spider nest

The troupe travelled down the tunnels a wee bit more…. you must be getting close…. The group’s fabulous dungeoneering skills managed to find a door hidden in the rocks along the wall of the tunnel. Nicely done…. You managed to get the door open, despite the old and frail trap that activated. In opening the door, and entering the room, a swarm of spiders and a few stirges took their fright out on you!!! Dispatching them quickly, you decided to spend a night in the newly cleared room. Aztrid and Aquarius stated that they were on guard for the night watching the extending corridor…. what might be lurking down there for you allllllll…….

Dugrak’s growing pile of nose goblins is starting to block the door you all originally came through. Seems that because Dugrak no longer has any “rocks” to scratch, his nose is now taking all of his attention….. LOL!!!

Beetle Nest

After assessing the best time to “quietly” slip out of Seven Pillared Hall, you take your leave and head down the road leading to the labyrinth. You were not as quiet as you’d hoped to have been, Aztrid’s chastity belt fell to the ground and someone else failed to pack their adventures kit well and the pots and pans clanged together as a result.

During the first few 100 feet of your journey, you noticed a corridor leading to a door that you recognize belongs to Grimmizhul Trading Post. You noticed that the door was slightly ajar and eyes were watching you leave. As a party, you decided to pay them no heed and journey on…..

After several hours the road/tunnel became less maintained and the tracks were becoming harder to see. Your checks kept you on the road and these successful checks, helped you stay on course using your map. The road forked and a decision had to be made as to your continued, direction. Based on the tracks on the ground you surmised that your true course was to take the tunnel on the right. The markings on the ground had indicated more had passed through this way, despite the fact that the markings on the ground showed more tracks leading in the direction you were going than returning. You also noticed tracks where something or someone was being dragged along the ground.

The party quietly travelled along this corridor until it opened out into a chamber. Mialee was able to sneak up between the rock formations and noticed a group of Fire Beetles resting or waiting in ambush. Realizing that this was your only course of movement – you dispatched the beetle nest rather quickly and effectively.

The chamber was found to contain a rather interesting bit of loot. There was a chest that Snig aptly accessed for you. Inside you found some potions. The management of these potions is still yet undecided.

These are the potions that you found:

1. Alchemist’s Frost. – This ceramic flask explodes in an icy haze when it hits, crippling its target with numbing cold. – Level 6 power – Standard Action. Make an attack: Ranged 5/10; +4 vs. Ref; on a hit, the target takes 1d10 cold damage and is slowed until the end of your next turn; on miss, the target takes half damage and is not slowed.

There is a modification to this as ammunition – you can find this information in the character builder, or on page 25 of the adventurers vault.

2. Clearwater Solution – This small glob of white jelly purifies even the most toxic liquids, from poisons to dwarves spirits. – Level 1 power – Minor Action. Apply clearwater solution to a volume of liquid filling a cube 1 square on a side (5 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet; approximately 935 gallons). The solution removes any poison or disease present in the liquid after 1 minute.

Clearwater solution cannot remove poison or disease from water already in a creature’s system, and it has no adverse effect on creatures with the aquatic or water keyword. If it’s applied to a volume of liquid larger than the amount specified above, the clearwater solution has no effect.

3. Thunderstone – On impact, this clay sphere unleashes a clap of thunder that can deafen creatures and knock them back. – Level 5 power- Standard Action. Make an attack: Area burst 1 within 10; +8 vs. Fort; on a hit, the target takes 1d4 thunder damage, is pushed 1 square from the centre of the burst, and deafened (save ends)

4. Tracking Dust – The fine grains of this silvery powder can reveal the subtlest tracks. – Level 9 power – Standard Action. The tracking dust creates a zone of 5 contiguous squares. In areas where the dust is spread, Perception checks to track can be made with a total +7 bonus; use this modifier instead of your normal check modifiers. Tracking dust can be determined with a DC20 perception check, and its effects last for 1 hour.

Chamber of Eyes

After killing off everyone in the Chamber of the Eyes you looted and pillaged!!! You all snagged some barrels of wine and mead, you grabbed some of the meat that was stored in C4, and you uncovered documents in Lord Cleegah the Questionable’s room. Upon reading the note, you all understood that he’s the contact for acquiring slaves and he knows Rendil; not that the two are related.

Upon your safe return to Seven Pillared Hall, you all went straight to Rendil’s Inn. He offered you food and drink – on the house. He made breakfast for you all the next morning. After you guys ate this nice, free breakfast, Dugrak went and scared the shit out of poor little Rendil intimidating him into being a bit more forthcoming. Quivering, he tells you that he’s overheard that the duergar of Clan Grimmerzhul, bought a lot of provisions from Dreskin just recently. He also told you that the duergar have a trading post here in the Hall, but rumor has it that they have a fortress somewhere deeper in the Labyrinth.

You also find out that the Drow had a useful, map of the labyrinth. He willingly gave you this map in the hope you retrieve his friend’s dagger, from somewhere in the labyrinth. Your understanding in this matter/story is vague at best. The map’s a bit old and worn in some places but generally, it’s in good enough shape to guide you in the direction you need to go in. The map contains little writing. The writing that is there, gives you markers (like runes) and other things to look for to keep you on track.

In addition to your events at Seven Pillared Hall, you happen upon two other places: Grimmerzhul’s Trading Post, and Dreskin’s shop.

You all went to the trading post to try and sell your wares. You all then, backed down and left the Trading Post; seemed that the Clan was ready for a fight and you decided not to give them one. You tried to sell your loot/booty and the members of the Clan were not being co-operative in offering you any reasonable amount of money to buy the mead/ale and meats. You were wise to check around and see if you were being watched. Meth’s successful, perception check revealed that your presence had been announced to the others, and that there were eyes staring at you from behind the door in the shop. You took your stuff and promptly left.

Dreskin, it was learned, was capitalizing on the property that belonged to the slaves who passed through the Hall. It was obvious that the merchandise in his store consisted of many stolen items. You all can come to the conclusion that the slaves were stripped of their belongings before heading to where they were being used. Dreskin was obtaining all of those belongings.

Dreskin was willing to purchase your goods and even offered you barter in his shop for the remaining money he owed you for the transaction of the barrels and meat. Aztrid, not announcing herself as your party member, came in and bitch slapped Dreskin around his shop. When Dreskin was attacked, his toupe slid to the side of his head, his soiled shirt was cut to shreds and he’d taken quite a few minor lacerations – none of which managed to hit an artery. After Aztrid gathered her information and left, Meth healed Dreskin. Dreskin appreciated the help.

Presently, Aquarius is at the Inn making copies of the map for all of you.

Mialee, in wolf form, has just seen Dreskin sneak out of his shop and go into the Grimmerzhul Trading Post. He was heavily cloaked and obviously trying NOT to be seen.


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