A's version of Thunderspire

Well of Demons

Phew, you all made it!!!

You managed to grab the 4 items needed to complete the ritual to open the doors to the inner sanctum!!! In doing so, you were able to have your way with Maldrick and killed him!! His ritual was stopped, thus saving the slaves’ lives!

You have found a +2 Elven cloak, and a silver key that is pushing its will on Mialee, beckoning her to come and find what door it opens. You’ve found the letters that Paldemar has been sending to Maldrick and you are well aware of his plan to help Paldemar use Vecna for power. Paldemar wants to take control from the Mages of Saruun and rule this area and the valley himself!

You’ve defeated the slave ring that’s been plaguing this area. Once you return, collect your reward, and your XP, you will then need to find out where that tunnel is that Mialee keeps seeing in her VIVID dreams.

You guys can level up in the town and buy what you can afford.

Shrine to Baphomet and The Restless Dead

October 12, 2012
So, you successfully completed the encounter at the Shrine to Baphomet. You managed to subdue and destroy the Barlgura, the Gnoll Demonic Scourge, and sent the Tiefling’s on their way….. (or did you….). The Tiefling reported that their business in the Well of Demons was solely for profit. Your insight roll suggested otherwise. Meth intimidated the Tiefling “leader” enough to send the gang of them on their way out of the Well of Demons. Your search of the entire area revealed some loot and one of the four items needed to complete this quest.
You found a chest containing;

Shadowfell Gloves Level 6+ Uncommon
These supple black gloves, woven with Shadowfell thread, are highly prized by wizards and warlocks.
Lvl 6 1,800 gp Lvl 26 1,125,000 gp
Lvl 16 45,000 gp
Hands Slot
Power (Necrotic) Daily (Minor Action)
Change the damage type dealt by the next arcane power you use to necrotic. Add 1d6 to the damage dealt by that power (if any).
Level 16: 2d6 to the damage.
Level 26: 3d6 to the damage.
Player’s Handbook 247.

You also found a gold necklace inlaid with diamonds and rubies worth 500 gp, a jade bracelet worth 300 gp, and 72 pg.
You all took a short rest after this, healed up and moved on. When you re-entered the Practice Hall, you noticed that the bear was still chained to the floor, gnawing on a dead hyena. When the bear noticed you all, Aztrid attempted to calm it, with no success. Then, Aquarius walked into the bear’s reach and failed to calm the bear as well. (BTW, the DC for that was 25). As the bear’s just a simple creature and knows not friend from foe, it became angry and decided to swipe at you before you could do it any harm. Poor Aquarius took a pretty big hit from the bear.(I did warn of its reach.)
Meth created a scenario for the bear’s release, and successfuly freed the bear from the Practice Hall.
Now having one of the four required items, you set out deeper into the Well of Demons. Making your first turn into another hallway of the Well put you face to face with three spirits who demanded that you prove your worth; prior to giving you passage into the rest of the Well. Mendara the Mystic, Sir Terris the Paladin, and Valdrog the Brute all demanded demonstrated skills prior to deactivating the wall.
This demonstration proved a bit more challenging that you all would have liked. You were able to get information but, did you get all the information that you could have? The haughty wizard didn’t think much of Dugrak’s attempt at intimidation. The Dwarf wanted to see some impressive moves from all of you too, and Valdrog wanted to see some big time strength for all of you. In the end, you managed to learn this;
“This place is the Proving Grounds, a testing place for worshipers of the demon lord Baphomet. You must find four items; a knife, a mask, a bell, and a book. You must place each of these items on one of four circles of runes found in this complex. The items must be placed on the runes at the exact same time. Three of the items are held within the chambers built to test Baphomet’s worshipers. You can find these chambers to the north, west, and south of where we now stand, through these eastern double doors and then through another set of double doors that leads to the west.
The fourth item, the book, is on an altar in a small shrine to the east.
To the east of the Proving Grounds is the inner sanctum. Its door opens only when the proper ceremony is completed. The items used for the ceremony disappear if you try to remove them for the Well of Demons, and upon completion of the ceremony, they return to their former locations.
Completing this ceremony summons the terrible Guardian and activates several traps in the area. The Guardian is a green dragon imprisoned here. It can swoop past its prey and attack. It emerges from a great pit in the center of the complex. Each of the chambers in this complex has a magical trap designed to harass intruders. The central corridor is the fastest way to move around, but it also has its own trap: a crushing sphere of magical force that rolls along its length.”
For the last 2 encounters (I’ve awarded you XP for the first Well of Demons encounter), you’ve each earned, 520 XP. Your grand total is 9283 XP – not quite enough to reach level 7.
As of now, you are all “squeezed” into a small broom closet (hopefully, none of you ate Mexican food the night before), having an extended rest.
Your task is to find the last 3 items, place them as described, defeat the lair assault that awaits you, free the slaves, and end the madness within…… (Remember to be judicious with your daily powders – you may have several encounters again before an extended rest…..

Gnoll Barracks and The Practice Hall

You’ve learned that you need 4 items to complete your quest in the Well of Demons. Mask, bell, blade, and tome. Rendil gave you information that the first item you seek will most likely be in the first few areas east of the entrance.

After entering the Gnoll barracks you met a Bronze Warder, some hyenas, and a few Gnolls. All of whom you dispatched rather expediently!!! Your search of this room revealed 40 gp each and a +2 cloak.

You made you way south and managed to sneak into the next room and surprise a group of hyenas and Gnoll Huntsmasters during one of their many practice sessions. Since you already know how best to kill hyenas, you’ve managed to dispatch three of them, one thanks to the bear; whom you’ve learned will eat you just like anyone else in the room. Unless of course you wish to make friends with the bear…..

At this moment, Dugrak is in the thick of it with the Huntsmasters – will someone come and save him???? LOL!!!

Rendil and the Well of Demons

So…. after taking on, and defeating Murkelmor…. you all hurried your little tookus’ to The Well of Demons to deal with the Blackfang Knolls. Just prior to making your destination, you all meet Rendil Halfmoon, who has looked better. He’s been badly beaten, and is suspicious that the gang let him go – Rendil talks to many so perhaps he’ll be a vessel to carry a message back to the town as a warning not to hire adventures in the future. Rendil gets roughed up by you thugs too, and tells you that there are many dangers lurking in the Well for you. He’s mentioned that they are on ‘high alert’ as they know you are coming. Rendil tells you that this place is designed to keep out the “unworthy”.

In your discussion, Rendil mentions that you need four items; mask, bell, blade, and tome. He also makes it clear, that it’s up to you to find and beat the traps. He tells you, and draws a rough map, of where you might find one of the four objects you are looking for. The objects of which, in combination, seem to act together to open a section of the Well of Demons. Without these objects, you will not be able to proceed.

You’ve combined your knowledge of shrines, and of Baphomet and determined that one of the objects you seek would more than likely be hidden in a shrine dedicated to Baphomet. This is the chamber that Rendil leads you to. He mentions very clearly that should you take a wrong turn, you would fail in ascertaining said objects. Overall, his advice is proceed with caution.

You let pour Rendil depart – it’s clear that he’ll make it difficult for you to make it into the Well of Demons without summoning all its creatures to you from the noise he’d make. When you enter the hallway into the Well of Demons, you found a large chamber filled with columns, of which a large carving of a Minotaur can be seen on each column. The glare of these Minotaurs is usually enough of a deterrent for those seeking treasure. As the Blackfang Knolls know you are coming, stealth will be very difficult from now on. There were many a creature waiting for you in this chamber and one of the “hired hands” was able to take a shot at you before you were able to get a shot off yourselves.

These undead creatures gave you a pretty good fight, but after a few seconds you manage to cut them up into little tiny pieces that even their mother’s couldn’t use to identify them with. That being said, there are some pretty tough Phalagars attacking you at the moment, and you have been forced to stay and fight them…… What will happen when you manage to successfully defeat them??? What waits for you in the next chamber. I warn you, meter out your dailies wisely, there will be few places to sleep in this place…… mwah ha ha….

Kedhira and Murkelmor

Kedhira held on for as long as he could in the Duergar shop. You had all backed the poor, sweet, innocent Duergar into his secret passageway. Professing that the final damage was to be non-lethal, you were then able to question this Duergar. Oddly enough, Aztrid intimidated the stout old codger, and you learned from Kedhira’s rant that, “Murkelmor’s too strong for you. Even if you kill me, someone else will be recruited to take my place. The Blackfang Gnolls know you are here. You’ll never succeed!!” You learned that the Blackfang Gnolls are found in the Well of Demons and Kedhira was even kind enough to show you where the WOD is on the map (how kind – see I told you he was nice). With that information, Aztrid ran him throw with her sword. (Way to go….)

The party took an extended rest and decided that it would be best to take Murkelmor out of the picture before heading off into the WOD. Very good idea indeed!

Arriving at Murkelmor’s chambers was uneventful, and you all managed to be stealthy enough to have a surprise round. The characters in this room, surrounding Murkelmor, were quite a bit tougher than expected, but you pressed on and fought hard. Mialee’s wall of thorns was devastating, and Tetya managed to kill one of the monsters!! He was quite careful about it too! mChung showed up to save the day and walloped Murkelmor!!!

I have posted the treasure on the XP Wiki and will let you all decide how you wish to proceed.


So, you all took the bait that the Tieflings had sent you. The encounter with the Tieflings and Bronze Warders was pretty tough – it was meant to challenge you.

The Tieflings had been hired to get rid of your adventuring party because of “slaving conflicts”. Durgrak managed to snag one of the Tieflings, get him drunk, and rape his mind for information. Turns out the Duergar are responsible for the slave trade in these upper parts of the labyrinth. You also learned that one of the Mages of Saruun was missing and had been for quite some time.

After another rest, you all decided to storm the Duergar’s store at the Sevened-Pillared hall. The Duergar, however, were waiting for you. They used their tried-and-tested method of “seize and capture” and managed to snag all but two of you into the back entrance of their store.

Upon your capture, you managed to successfully fight with the Duergar, but you’re not quite finished with all of them. In the heat of the battle, the mighty Kedhira slunk into the nearest cubby hole and tried to hide while you were massacring his subjects. At the present time, you are holed up in a small corridor blasting this fire-resistant Duergar.

Meanwhile, are more heads being delivered to you at the Inn while you’re tied up here. Can this adventuring party save the remaining slaves, and stop the insanity???? What actions will you take after Kehidra is dead…….?

The Slave Pits

So, for the last few games, you’ve all been trying to get through the “slave pit” encounter. You managed to slay all the monsters surrounding the poor, poor, poor unnoticed slaves…. they were so looking forward to being rescued… and yet…. you all needed to heal…. LOL!!!

You found 14 humans and 1 goblin who had been kidnapped. You successfully managed to get them out of the Horned Hold (because you’re all lucky SOBS!!!)and back to Seven-Pillared Hall. You’re all there now, levelling up and healing.

Dugrak’s managed to get his stone nuts back from the Drow who is eternally grateful for the skull scepter, but more so now that those retched things have left his shop!! The flies were deadly!

While you’re making your way to the various places to make purchases, get drunk, find “true” love – whatever, you’re being approached by many of the townsfolk. They’re praising you for your efforts and wondering when it is that everything’s going to be safe again???? They’re worried that the Duergar are up to bigger tricks of late. They tell you that they’ve seen the Duergar scurrying here and there and in all hours of the day too.

A few of the townsfolk have come to you with quests of finding their pets…. they’re hoping you can find them for a small reward!!! One of Rendil’s relatives approaches Meth and asks Meth to marry his daughter….

While you’re at dinner one night, a cloaked figure approaches you and hands you a note;

Your actions against the duergar are commendable. I am in a position of power in the evil organization behind the duergar’s actions, and I wish to help you defeat my comrades. I have been seeking a way out of the organization, and I believe you can help me. Follow the attached map so that we can meet in secret.

Now what are you all going to do…..

The Horned Hold

Feb 26, 2012

You guys moved into the final pod of the Horned Hold and managed to make your way through this last area, ending up in the slave pits… might not be the end of this pod – we’ll see.

The South Gate was secured and all the treasure found. Now, when you return on the 11th of March we’ll see how well you do battling several large creatures……

The Great Hall

So, you all cleared out the second pod of the Horned Hold; albeit, unconventional at best!!!! LOL!!! There were many Duergar, a Norkerblade, more Orcberserkers, Rundarr the Formidable, and another Wailing Ghost.

After dispatching all but two creatures, Mialee found a slave. After Mialee walked past the slave without talking to him, Eric bolted. Aztrid tripped him and you were able to gain some knowledge. Eric told you all that there are slaves being held across a bridge that’s guarded by some unseen creature. Eric knew that there was a password, but seeing that he doesn’t speak Dwarven, he was unable to get that for you. He mentioned how scared he was and you all offered him protection. You hid him in the first room you entered and continued your search of the area.

This search caused a Wailing Ghost to be activated. The floor was trapped with a sensor that would go off if any unauthorized personnel entered.

Turns out this Ghost was guarding a few things; 1 level 7 Holy Symbol; 1 level 5 (now 4) armour; 1 bag of tricks. The Ghost was also guarding a ledger detailing the slaves in the Horned Hold and those that were transferred to the Well of Demons. The ledger was detailed enough to tell you who was dead or alive.

You also found a letter to Murkelmor:

We have been trying to gather information surrounding a rumour that there are gangs within Thunderspire collecting “slaves”.

Thunderspire is a mountain of peace between all races. We strive to keep the peace among good and evil races alike. The trading of slaves in Thunderspire is expressly forbidden.

We invite you to a meeting to discuss these rumours. You will present yourself to our sanctuary. Be in the teleportation circle in 4 days.

Mages of Saruun-

In the middle of the day you all decided that it would be best if you gorged and rested – so for the 1st 2 hours of your 18 hours of confinement, you were attacked by the last remained guards who were searching for the cause of all the death and destruction they found when they went to get a cup of Joe….. Unfortunately, they didn’t have very strong armour and their long shift made them a bit weak and less agile!!! One of these guards exploded in a few seconds and the last one, hanging by a red blood cell, was charmed enough by you to truthfully, give you the password. Seeing as you guys aren’t so trusting… you scarred the last blood cells out of him to confirm his words were true to their word!!!

You all woke up, scratched your nuts, removed the sleep from your eyes, pulled on your trousers and tallied forth!!! Aztrid opened the door and told the Gargoyle the password and dared him to attack her!! Luckily, the DC roll was high enough and the Gargoyle bought her accent as solid… way to go PMS AVENGER!!!

You crossed the bridge as a party, and after listening to the double doors at the end of the bridge, decided that the voices on the other side of the door were no match for your Bravado!!! ATTACK!!!! Your surprise round was successful….. we will pick up next time at the top of the round!

First section of the Horn Hold

The party set out from their hiding place in the spider’s lair, in order to locate the Horn Hold. You all found the entrance to the Hold, and quickly discovered that they were waiting for you. Although, Snig was happy to shout out his location so that no surprise round would be had!! LOL!!!

At the portcullis, you all quickly dispatched the group of Orcberserkers, managed to open the portcullis, and push your way into the area.

You were swift in your ability to manage these Orcberserks, subdue them, and hack them to little tiny bits. However, if that wasn’t fun enough, the rest of the rooms in this area held a few other battleworthy foes!!!

You all pushed your way into the Duergar Workshop and nearly got yourselves all killed… except for Tetya who was being careful, and Snig who was hiding his soiled armour!!! Meth had blocked the entrance to the blacksmith’s natural spring and then if that didn’t hold, Meth wedged himself into the other door of the spring room to make sure that you were not attacked from the rear.

To his surprise and ultimate demise, Urwol was very upset at being rudely interrupted until he found out the interruption was made by foe!!! Just as Urwol was dispatched to the netherworld… A wailing ghost arrived – unfortunately, none of you made a nature check on the ghost to find out who it might have been. Alas, there was no body to investigate as it turned to mist and evaporated into nothingness…..

In the end the ghost and some of the Orcberserkers nearly killed mChung, and Mialee (I think).
You scoured this area and managed to find some treasure, not much, but treasure none the less.

Dugrak’s going to be over the moon when he manages to get back to Gendar the Drow to return his friend’s hammer and retrieve his much missed, nuts!!!!

You all closed the portculis, spiked the other doors closed, and appointed a guard schedule making sure everyone got the appropriate amount of rest to get all of your powers back!!!

Urwol carried a key.
Urwol had a chest filled with 280 gold pieces, and 400 silver pieces.
The Duergar’s small bag had 32 gold pieces, 120 silver pieces.

When we return to the game, you will all be refreshed and ready to die another day!!!


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