After defeating Kalarel and all his minions, the troop (you’s guys) ran into problems. Meth’s rumbling belly forced the troop to stop at a market to buy some “munchies”. There a gang sprung out at you; turned out that the market was a popular place to kidnap people.

The gang that you all ran into at the market were connected to the Bloodreaver’s and the Sages of Saruun. The kidnapping gang was dispatched in your usual “careful” fashion and information was gathered. A note written to Lord Cleegah the Questionable was found. The information that you gathered from all the bodies prompts you to head back to Fallcrest.

While in Fallcrest you go to see Marla, Palore’s faithful servant. You learn a terrible truth – Marla’s dead and Angie, one of her apprentices has been possessed and morphed into Marla’s image. Angie makes an expeditious retreat and escapes when she realizes you know the truth. Where she’s gone, is a mystery to you. Mwah ha ha.

During your stay at Fallcrest, Lord Markelhay commissions you all to help stop the kidnapping and promises you each 1000gp to stop the terror. He’s supremely confident that you will be able to accomplish this – after all, you defeated Kalarel!!! You all accept the quest.

Your information leads you to the labyrinth under Thunderspire. You all travel to Thunderspire. There, you have met many characters and found your way to Seven Pillared Hall. At this time, you are hold up in Seven Pillared Hall and are ready to enter the labyrinth. May Moradin have mercy on your souls!!!

A's version of Thunderspire

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