A's version of Thunderspire

First section of the Horn Hold

The party set out from their hiding place in the spider’s lair, in order to locate the Horn Hold. You all found the entrance to the Hold, and quickly discovered that they were waiting for you. Although, Snig was happy to shout out his location so that no surprise round would be had!! LOL!!!

At the portcullis, you all quickly dispatched the group of Orcberserkers, managed to open the portcullis, and push your way into the area.

You were swift in your ability to manage these Orcberserks, subdue them, and hack them to little tiny bits. However, if that wasn’t fun enough, the rest of the rooms in this area held a few other battleworthy foes!!!

You all pushed your way into the Duergar Workshop and nearly got yourselves all killed… except for Tetya who was being careful, and Snig who was hiding his soiled armour!!! Meth had blocked the entrance to the blacksmith’s natural spring and then if that didn’t hold, Meth wedged himself into the other door of the spring room to make sure that you were not attacked from the rear.

To his surprise and ultimate demise, Urwol was very upset at being rudely interrupted until he found out the interruption was made by foe!!! Just as Urwol was dispatched to the netherworld… A wailing ghost arrived – unfortunately, none of you made a nature check on the ghost to find out who it might have been. Alas, there was no body to investigate as it turned to mist and evaporated into nothingness…..

In the end the ghost and some of the Orcberserkers nearly killed mChung, and Mialee (I think).
You scoured this area and managed to find some treasure, not much, but treasure none the less.

Dugrak’s going to be over the moon when he manages to get back to Gendar the Drow to return his friend’s hammer and retrieve his much missed, nuts!!!!

You all closed the portculis, spiked the other doors closed, and appointed a guard schedule making sure everyone got the appropriate amount of rest to get all of your powers back!!!

Urwol carried a key.
Urwol had a chest filled with 280 gold pieces, and 400 silver pieces.
The Duergar’s small bag had 32 gold pieces, 120 silver pieces.

When we return to the game, you will all be refreshed and ready to die another day!!!



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