A's version of Thunderspire

Spider nest

The troupe travelled down the tunnels a wee bit more…. you must be getting close…. The group’s fabulous dungeoneering skills managed to find a door hidden in the rocks along the wall of the tunnel. Nicely done…. You managed to get the door open, despite the old and frail trap that activated. In opening the door, and entering the room, a swarm of spiders and a few stirges took their fright out on you!!! Dispatching them quickly, you decided to spend a night in the newly cleared room. Aztrid and Aquarius stated that they were on guard for the night watching the extending corridor…. what might be lurking down there for you allllllll…….

Dugrak’s growing pile of nose goblins is starting to block the door you all originally came through. Seems that because Dugrak no longer has any “rocks” to scratch, his nose is now taking all of his attention….. LOL!!!



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